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SMS Services

We offer Premium SMS (Short Messaging Service) for your business. These affordable SMS services includes Sender ID registration (The Name that People see when they receive your SMS), that can be modified to reflect your Company name or service.

We utilize the A2P (Application-to-Person) process, that can used to do a one way communication on travel updates, banking messages and many other value-add messages. Our SMS system gives you a highly customizable, cost-effective, reliable yet fast plug-and-play system.


Group SMS & Scheduling

Manage your SMS campaigns strategically based on customer preferences and schedules to optimize customer response.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized SMS by use of Sender IDs and variables in your message body which can be populated by content from Spreadsheets or databases.
SMS Features at Felltech

Global & Instant Delivery

Global Reach and delivery routes via telkoms with multiple backup routes and redudancies. Our SMS platform can be used Globally.

Multiple Interface Options

We do provide expert advise on areas that we are knowledgeable in as a value addition service to ur clients.

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