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Rename SQL Database & Object Without breaking depedencies

Rename SQL Database & Object Without breaking depedencies - The Easy Way

ApexSQL Search is a SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio add-in capable of smart renaming objects like tables, views, procedures and functions, as well as table/view columns and function/procedure parameters without breaking database dependencies

a.) To smart rename an object:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio
  2. In the Object explorer/Server explorer, find the object you want to rename
  3. Right-click on the object and select ApexSQL Search, Smart rename


4. In the Smart rename dialog’s New name text box, type a new name ApexSQL Search checks that the name is not already in use. If the name is not valid, a red warning sign will blink next to the New name text box 

5.Click on Generate preview

The Preview section displays summary information:

  • The Generated script tab shows a complete SQL script of the renaming process
  • The Warnings tab displays any potential problems and reasons why the script might fail
  • The Sequence tab shows the sequence of the actions that the script will perform
  • The Dependencies tab displays a list of the objects that need to be altered to maintain all dependencies

6. If you want to modify the script before you execute it, click Open script. The generated script will be opened in the SQL Server Management Studio Query editor / Visual Studio editor Review, modify if needed and execute it by clicking Execute, or save it to a file

7. To execute the script as is, click Rename now

Renaming an object can be easy. You don’t have to analyze your whole database and search for dependencies yourself. Use free SQL database tool ApexSQL Search to do that for you. It will find all dependent objects, rename and drop–recreate when necessary, to avoid breaking the scripts

Download the Tool Here